Train Your Brain With New Maths Test Game

Meaning and Summary of Maths Test Game

Are you really scared of Maths and its tough calculation? Well, today we have the most amazing educational App for you. Now you can train your brain with this fantastic Maths Test Game. Yes, you read it correctly, now has become so easy with this New Maths Test Game. You just need to practice for a few minutes a day to learn to calculate faster and error free.

As this is an educational game, you can give this to your child as well. your child will definitely improve and learn to calculate fast with so much fun. There are millions of applications available these days among which game apps are more trending but very few are helpful, this game is one of the most useful game app.

Features of Maths Test Game

  • This Game contains all basic mathematic operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division)
  • Users of all ages can play this game
  • It has very minor file size 4.2mb

How to Get the Maths Test Game

Official Download Link 

Maths Test Game Review & Ratings

With current version 1.5.0 this Game has 3+  rating for user interaction ensuring safe for users of all ages. It has a 5-star user rating. We found this app very useful, you can give a try to this.

Developers Information

This application is brought to you by DevSun which went live on 28th July 2018. Contacting to the CEO is very simple, just drop a mail on this email ID [email protected].

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